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Best Paving and Footpaths Cleaning, Perth

Not only does having the pavement footpath pressure cleaned regularly to make it look clean and refreshing, but it is also safer for people to walk on.

Professional Driveway Cleaning Services, Perth

The driveway is the gateway to your home. It is the highest-traffic area because it is the entry from the street. A fresh, clean driveway introduces a nice, clean, warm home.

Reliable Patios & Pool Cleaning Services, Perth

You have a beautiful Pool or Patio area, and to have it looking nice and fresh and clean not only makes you feel more comfortable when relaxing,

Why Use Blastar Pressure Washing Services?

Power wash pressure washer, applecrossAt Blastar Pressure Cleaning, we provide top-notch cleaning services that breathe new life into your property, enhancing its cleanliness and overall appeal.”

Blastar Pressure Washing Services provides competitive pricing to revitalize your grimy driveway, refresh that tired and weed-grown pavement or footpath, and rejuvenate your patio area to a clean, fresh, and inviting state. Blastar Commercial Cleaners are experienced in cleaning all surfaces. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and effectual cleaning chemicals, Blastar delivers superior results and boasts the experience and expertise needed to transform your property.

As a small company based in Perth, Blastar Commercial Cleaning Service prides itself on offering the finest cleaning services in the area.

Customer Reviews About Our Service


I had Blastar clean my pagola area ahead of a function we had in our back yard. The price was very competitive and Stuart did a great job. I would recommend Blastar, I was very happy with their service.

Todd from Mount Pleasant.

I called Blastar Pressure Cleaners to quote on cleaning my driveway. It was really dirty and had some oil stains on it, I was surprised on the results that they had, it has really been transformed beyond expectation. I am really happy on the service.

Trevor from Como.


I called  a few companies to quote on cleaning my pavement out the back yard. Unlike some of the other competition, the owner of Blastar responded to my quote quite promptly, his pricing was good and I was delighted with the end result. He seemed to really care about his service to me.

John from Booragoon.

I called around to a few companies to get a quote to get rid of dirt and grime from my pool area pavement. The owner was very helpful and knowledgeable. The job was done with perfection, the pavement looks fantastic and the pricing was competitive compared some of the other companies. I would definitely recommend their service.

Gavin From Melville.

FAQ’s Blastar Pressure Cleaning Services Perth.

Blastar Pressure Cleaning serves all areas within the Perth Metropolitan region. Additionally, we have extended our services to areas outside the Metro Area, making it worthwhile to get in touch with us.

The quickest and easiest method is to call us. You can also email us however a call for a free quote is much quicker.

Typically, we focus on cleaning driveways, footpaths, patio areas, and fences, as well as removing graffiti from walls.

The pressure and intensity required for cleaning are tailored to each surface. We strive to strike a balance between achieving a professional clean and safeguarding delicate surfaces. Every pressure cleaning job is approached with this consideration in mind.

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing the area and the surface.

Several factors will affect the pricing, including the surface type, accessibility, surface condition, and its delicacy. We provide obligation-free quotations, ensuring no estimations; our quoted price is the final amount with no unexpected surprises.


Yes we do. We will not charge an unhappy customer, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Opting for pressure cleaning for your property offers a trifecta of benefits: it saves you time, money, and maintains the property’s cleanliness and freshness.


Regular pressure cleaning effectively eliminates grime, grease, mildew, and mold, resulting in a revitalized appearance for the cleaned surfaces.


Entrusting the task to a professional company such as Blastar Pressure Cleaning ensures protection against potential damage, as they employ the right pressure and chemicals for optimal results

we are fully insured. We prioritize the safety and protection of both ourselves and our valued customers against any unforeseen incidents

Ultimately, you may choose pressure washing for general cleanup around your property. For tough stains and sanitizing the area, go for high-pressure cleaning. Power washing generally uses steam under pressure where pressure cleaning pressure water.

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