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Does Pressure Washing Damage Concrete Driveways?

Before getting the driveway pressure washed, you may have several questions. How often do you need to pressure wash concrete driveways? What if it damages the concrete? All this may depend on whether you’re hiring experts or DIYing the job. Best Pressure Washer for Driveways.

Despite the strength and roughness of concrete, high pressure may lead to cracks or etching, which may look aesthetically wrong or cause further damage. So, it’s recommended not to attempt cleaning driveways with a pressure washer yourself. The most reliable way to pressure clean the driveway is by hiring professionals to do the job.

When done professionally, the concrete patio and driveway will look as good as new without structural damage. We’ll also discuss how to avoid damaging the driveway when pressure washing. 


Why Pressure Wash Concrete Driveways?

Over the years, dirt, oil stains, grease marks, and mold/mildew have accumulated on concrete surfaces. Mold and mildew also start appearing and are known health hazards. Remember how unpleasant your home will look from the outside.

pressure washer mold and mildew remover

Cleaning it with a regular hose water supply will not remove all the stains. And if you decide to pressure wash it yourself, you make it susceptible to damage. Moreover, you’ll have to invest in machines you won’t be qualified to operate.

Pressure washing done by professionals will remove all the tough stains without too much scrubbing or damaging the concrete. The professionals will know the right amount of pressure to be safe for your concrete driveway cleaning.


The Potential of Damage From Power Washing

As we know, concrete is a vital building material that can withstand harsh environments and heavy loads. However, it is still susceptible to wear and tear with time. Cars passing through the driveway may leave grease marks, tyre scratches, and dirt.

As a property owner, you want the exterior to look good and appealing. You may opt to remove these stains and debris with power washing yourself. But when not done correctly, it can cause long-term damage. Here are some things that may occur due to imperfect pressure washing of concrete driveways.

Pressure Washing Can Lead To Uneven Surface’s

Pressure washers work at more than thirty times the pressure of a hose pipe. This can lead to an uneven surface on the concrete as the top layer erodes. If you notice etching and unevenness on the concrete, it will lead to structural damage throughout the area.

Moreover, power washing with high-pressure water and cleaning solutions will weaken the concrete bond. So, the concrete driveway may only last for a while and deteriorate before 10-20 years. A professional pressure washing company will know how to recognize this potential threat, so it is crucial to consult a professional.


Washing fresh concrete driveway

If the concrete driveway is newly made, the material will need some time to settle and bond. This makes the concrete harder and less likely to be damaged. Getting it power washed too early may lead to erosion.

Moreover, power washing with high-pressure water and cleaning solutions will weaken the concrete bond. So, the concrete driveway may not last long and deteriorate before 10-20 years. A professional Pressure Washing company will know to recognise this potential threat so it is crucial to consult a professional.


Damage due to frequent washing 

Many homeowners may need to learn how frequently you must wash the driveway and patio area. Ideally, professionals suggest washing the driveway once a year to keep it clean.

If you wash it too frequently, the upper layer will wear down quickly after being subjected to high pressure. If you feel the driveway requires cleaning before the stipulated time, contact professionals for the best advice.


Incorrect High-Pressure Cleaning Can Cause Holes And Pitting 

If the pressure suddenly increases at a specific part of the concrete, it can create holes and pitting. Besides, the pressure washer will damage the site if an area is structurally weak. It can also lead to deterioration of concrete slab joints.


Concrete Slab Cracking Caused By Power Washing

Pressure washer causing Damage to Concrete DrivewayWhen the power washer is directly used over the concrete, the pressure will lead to cracking. The cracking will also cause the concrete to loosen up and break out. Furthermore, it may be dangerous to use a cracked driveway, and you may have to get it fixed immediately.


Power Washing Can Lead To Quick Weathering 

Getting power washing can lead to quick weathering of the concrete. The power washing may remove the debris and some concrete from the driveway. It may lead to irreversible structural damage as the concrete components age faster.


Unskilled professionals, Find The Right Pressure Cleaning Professionals.

It is essential to find the right people to do the job. Research testimonials when looking for a suitable pressure washer team for your driveway cleaning. They will use the proper cleaning solutions with adequate water pressure. Moreover, they may also give you a cleaning schedule and tips on maintaining the driveway each season.


Hiring a Professional is Better Than Doing it Yourself

As we discussed earlier, concrete is a strong material but porous. Therefore, it can absorb high-pressure water, swell up, form cracks, and weaken within a few years.

Knowing such things about concrete is essential; only a professional can be aware. While you may take up other home cleanup tasks, let professionals do the driveway pressure cleaning.


Wrapping Up

Ignoring the driveway cleanup can lead to aesthetic and structural damage. Automotive fluids and motor oils are corrosive and can lead to concrete breakdown. Pressure cleaning the driveway yourself can also be damaging. Therefore, scheduling professional washing annually can be an effective and affordable solution to maintain your driveway efficiently.

Make sure you hire an expert with years of knowledge and on-field experience. For high-pressure washing services in Perth, contact Blastar Pressure Cleaning for the most experienced staff.

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