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What is the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Pressure Cleaning

When choosing to have your driveway cleaned by professionals, you may encounter services such as pressure washing, power washing, and pressure cleaning. Because these services use high-pressure water for cleaning, they may be interchangeable. However, their methods differ and may be chosen depending on certain factors.

The type of professional cleaning service will depend on the patio material and current state. For instance, pressure cleaning for a cement driveway can be done with hot and cold water. Power cleaning may help you remove weeds and mold from the property. 

Each method will target the area with a different approach, water temperature, and cleaning solutions. We will discuss the two in detail so that you can choose the best high-pressure cleaning service.

Understanding Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing uses a water blast high-pressure machine. The water is released at regular temperature to remove dirt and debris from the pavements, patio, and driveways. This high-pressure washing method can clean stubborn grease marks, mud, mold, and moss buildup. The cleanup under pressurised water is a less time-consuming task instead of laboriously scrubbing the dirt.  Pressure washer pressure

One of the best parts of professional pressure washing is that it does not cause damage to the property, even while rigorously cleaning. It is a reliable method to clean if the stains have not been there for a long time. You may choose pressure washing for regular cleanups to ensure the exterior of your home and office look as good as new. 


When to Choose Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is ideal for home pavements and driveways that have started looking dark due to the buildup. You can use pressure washing for brick, concrete, and masonry patios and footpaths. Moreover, it can clean stubborn stains in the pool area. 

Since water at regular temperature is less harsh over materials, you do not have to worry about damaging your property. Moreover, when done by experts, no paint or masonry will be impacted by pressure washing. The result will be a spick and span home exterior within a few hours. 


Understanding Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is done with hot/cold high-pressure water. Gentle and environment-friendly cleaners are added to the water to clean effortlessly in just one session. An electric water pressure cleaner with a liquid solution releases the cleaning solution as a jet spray.

This powerful jet spray can remove paint marks, burnt fuel stains, chewing gum stains, and grease from the surface. Therefore, this is an excellent heavy-duty cleaning method for breaking down harsh grime on the surface.

The high-pressure stream of water loosens the debris and washes it away as more water is released. A large area can be covered quickly since professional pressure washer machines are used. 


When to Choose Pressure Cleaning?

wash outside of houseDue to years of buildup and environmental pollution, the driveway and patio start looking old and faded. Similarly, the pathways and sidewalks also build up dirt and appear dull. 

High-pressure cleaning can quickly and efficiently eliminate such persistent dirt stuck in driveways and patios. 


Pressure Cleaning for Large driveway and patio’s

If you have a larger area in your driveway and patio, opt for professional high-power pressure cleaning. The experts will review the area to be cleaned and decide the proper water temperature. Besides, they may add cleaning agents to remove black marks, grease, and oil stains. 

For instance, high-pressure hot water cleaning can be used to get rid of the most stubborn oil marks. The heat from the hot water will help release debris that has been stuck for years. 


Poorly Kept pool area’s Need Pressure Washing Good pressure washer

If your pool area has become covered in weeds and moss, pressure cleaning will remove them from the roots. Jet sprays with many attachments, such as narrow nozzles, wide spray brushes, and scrubbing brushes to clean the pool and surrounding areas can be used. The patio and pool area will look clean and feel sanitary. 

Only professionals will know what tools and materials to use for cleaning without causing any damage to the property. High-pressure cleaning will be a low-cost way to clean the pool area and give it a facelift.


Pressure Washing or Pressure Cleaning

Which One is Better?

The two cleaning methods are somewhat similar. It’s best to consider certain factors, like those mentioned below, to choose the right one. 


Pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is preferable for heavy-duty cleaning of oil-stained or deeply soiled surfaces. Cleaning solutions with hot water under high pressure removes the grime quickly. 

Furthermore, if the pool area has weeds, it may become a health hazard. Cleaning with high pressure will uproot the weeds and prevent them from returning. Another health hazard, mold, can also be tackled with high-pressure cleaning.

Ultimately, you may choose pressure washing for general cleanup around your property. For tough stains and sanitizing the area, go for high-pressure cleaning. If you’re still confused, let a professional take a look and pick the best method for cleaning up. 


Wrapping Up

The main principle behind pressure washing and high-pressure cleaning is using pressure water to remove debris. Over the years, dirt may accumulate and harden on the surface. Cleaning it with normal water may not remove all of it. Therefore, you need professional pressure cleaning services. 

If you’re already searching for pressure washing services near me in Perth, contact Blastar Pressure Cleaning. They have experienced professionals who will assess the best cleaning method for your property. With professionals, you do not need to rely on DIYs or buy expensive machines to clean your driveway. 





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