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Can Pressure Cleaning Remove Graffiti

Can Pressure Cleaning Remove Graffiti

Power Pressure Cleaner WinthropGraffiti on your property’s walls and pavements is often unnecessary and feels like a nuisance. The eyesore graffiti has to be removed to ensure your property retains its curb value and looks appealing. You may think the only way to get rid of it may be to repaint to cover up the colourful abstract shapes. 

Before you resort to that, consider removing the graffiti with pressure-washing or pressure cleaning. The result will be clean walls and pavement in no time. This graffiti removal will be gentle on the walls and leave no permanent damage for you to fix later. We’ll discuss pressure washer graffiti removal in more detail.


Considerations for Graffiti Removal

Graffiti paint and techniques can be of several types. Moreover, the longer the graffiti is on the substrate, the harder it may become to remove. On the other hand, if it’s only there for a short while, it will come off quickly. We’ll discuss this in more detail. 


Graffiti Type

Graffiti paints come in several types and contain binders, propellants, and oils. These materials can make the paint hard to remove because they have good binding tendencies to the substrate. 


Some graffiti painters use markers, sprays, felt pens, and varnishes to secure their art, making it even more difficult to remove. In addition, if bitumen coating is used before graffiti paint, it will make the surface sticky to the paint. This coating results in a stubborn paint mixture combined with a sealing varnish. 


Age of Graffiti

As mentioned above, the older the graffiti, the harder it will be to remove. That is why it is recommended to remove graffiti sooner to prevent it from creating a strong hold over the surface. 


Substrate Features 

Graffiti may be done on tiles, concrete, plaster, stone, pavement, and barrier walls. Sometimes graffiti art is also done on glass and plastic materials. Trains, cars, and traffic signs are also common victims of graffiti. Because of this, it is important to know about the material and its porosity when removing paint. Each material will have a different absorption power for the paint and will react differently when pressure washed. It would be hard to remove if the pain penetrates deep into the material. 


Local and Legal Regulations

Graffiti removal may require the use of some cleaning solutions. You must be aware of the use of such chemicals, which may not be allowed per the legal regulations. A professional will know the local rules around what to use and what to skip when removing graffiti.

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Another aspect is environmental protection when using chemicals to remove paints. Professionals will always know the correct pressure, technique, water temperature, and solvent use. 

Ways to Remove Graffiti

The considerations above will help determine the removal method of graffiti. Whether you’re opting for pressure washing with hot or cold water or using cleaning solvent, consider the type of paint, the age of graffiti, and the material. 


Even the water temperature can be altered to remove the graffiti in the best possible way. Following a specific sequence for graffiti removal may give the best result without damaging the substrate surface. 


The first step is to test the graffiti removal on a small section. Only after the removal using the chosen method is successful should the whole area be treated. This prevents wasting time on unsuccessful graffiti removal and causing unnecessary damage to the surface. 

Another way to go around it is to manually pre-clean the graffiti gently in case of delicate areas and then see if it needs further removal. Since there are several prerequisites and important things to consider for graffiti removal, it’s best to choose a professional team to do so. . 


Why Choose Professionals for Pressure Washing Graffiti?

Opting for a skilled high-pressure washing team is a wise choice and investment, as it will save you time and money. Even when you get pressure washing equipment, you’ll have to learn how to use it. Furthermore, there may be room for error when investigating the type of paint, substrate, and best removal method. 


You may choose from the following professional high-pressure cleaning services: 

  • Hot water high-pressure cleaning: This works for stubborn greasy and oily paints. The temperature can be as high as 110°C  and combined with pressure to remove the surface stains.
  • Cold water high-pressure cleaning is ideal for fresh graffiti paint, dirt, and foliage. Cold water is blasted over the substrate with pressure to remove surface colour.


Why not do DIY graffiti removal?

Graffiti Removal Perth Professionals specialise in pressure washing and learning how to use the equipment correctly. They have spent years in the field doing the job and learning new things. It makes sense to hire a professional to work on graffiti pressure washing. Using DIY methods often pushes the paints further into the substrate, further damaging the substrate material. 


Graffiti Removal Perth Professionals

If you have graffiti on your driveway walls, driveways, and commercial property, it’s best to consult a professional. With expert knowledge, graffiti removal will be quicker, and the property will not be damaged. The professionals will easily be able to determine the type of graffiti paint, substrate material, and equipment required for pressure washing. 


Hire a professional with years of experience and the right equipment to do the job. For pressure washing graffiti removal in Perth, connect with Blastar Pressure Cleaning for free quotations and prompt services. 

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